About Frontier Rental & The Lumberyard

The Lumberyard has been around for over 40 years in one way or another. We have been under one roof but have a rich history of being Anderson Lumber, Stock Building Supply, White Mountain Lumber and now The Lumberyard. White Mountain Lumber was originally established in 1990 as White Mountain Lumber and Rental, a local business in Green River, Wyoming.

We moved in to Evanston, Wyoming in 2009 under the umbrella White Mountain Lumber. Then in 2016 we were able to transition into The Lumberyard and now what we are today - Frontier Rental & The Lumberyard

In our logo we have the phrase "Your Gateway to Easy". This is because through the years, we have sold hundreds of thousands of products to our customers. Often our customers have not had the proper tools for their jobs. They have spent hours accomplishing jobs that would have taken a quarter of that time with the right tools. We would like to make our customers life's better and easier. We feel this brings us closer to that goal.

We don't want to lose the rich history of The Lumberyard. In the logo for The Lumberyard we have the 2 hardest working pigs of the 3 little pigs. There is a connection between lumber/hardware/feed and now rental. The connection is hard work. This is what the pigs are trying to tell us by leaving their lazy friend out. We work hard to make your experience fantastic!

We are proud of our history and commit to have a long and prosperous future with you as our customer.

Thank you for your support!