Floor Buffer

Check-in & Check Out Steps:

***Note: Please follow ALL the following steps. If these steps are not followed the employee who checked the equipment in or out will be held personally liable for all costs associated with the fixing of the equipment. If these steps are followed and there is damage we will charge the customer responsible for the damage, not the employee.***

Check the following parts for proper wear and tear:

1) Pad Driver - This is what the pads sit on. It is the grey part on the bottom touching the floor. It is removable if needed. You can find an image below. Also see the images below for what damage looks like.

*What to check on the Pad Driver - The pointy plastic nubs should still be present and not rubbed off from running it without a pad between it and the floor. The nubs should be sharp and pointed like in the 2 images below.

This is an example of a good and a bad Pad Driver.

Notice the bad one has the points on the plastic nubs shaved down.

The customer must pay for replacing this.

The cost of a new Pad Driver is $74.95

The vendor to order from is: